Commercial Series

This framing series is used for all commercial premises and ‘high end’ or premium housing.
Its advantages are:

  • Strength and durability
  • An ability to be manufactured to end products of almost any size which can feasibly be supported in structure.
  • It will accept most combinations of glazing, in either single or double glazed configuration, in either fixed or any of the standard opening/ventilation formats.

General dimensions of this framing are 101.6 x 44mm, but there are other options and also many ‘adaptor’ sections employed to achieve:

  • Varying frame intrusion and sealage depths, ie: 76 x 35mm series and 50 x 150mm series.
  • Varying glass positioning within and external to frame including structural glazing.
  • Curtain Walling.
  • Hinged, Pivot, Concertina, Sliding and Stacking door sets.
  • Sliding, Double Hung, Awning and Casement ventilation windows.
Hardware used in this series is of the highest standard.
For specifications on the relevant series for your project, please contact us with you plans & we will provide detail specific to your individual requirement.