Direct Glazed Windows


Any enclosed cabin vessel, from Ferries to Tugs to Cabin Cruisers.


  • Fixed (frameless glass). Can be cut to hard corner or any radius format.
  • Framed D/G sliders (commercial/pleasure). These consist of a heavy-duty framing that has a large fitting flange designed to direct-glaze to the vessel the same way that a fixed-glass would.
  • Flange can be cut down from its 50mm size to match the other glasses in the vessel. Available in either 77mm or 100mm radiused or hard-corner format.
  • Combo: A combination of fixed frameless glass and framed direct-glazed sliders.
  • Forward Opening: A modern direct-glazed version of the forward ventilation window.
  • Aft Opening: A modern direct-glazed version of the aft ventilation window.


Fixed windows cut from toughened safety glass. Framed direct-glazed sliders and Gebo/Hopper style windows have fully-welded joints.


Any thickness T.S.G. can be used for fixed panels. All direct-glazed style glasses have a black “fretwork” baked onto the glazing area for adhesion and aesthetic purposes.


  • Direct-glazed style toughened safety glass: T.S.G., that has black fretwork baked on to it.
  • S2 D/G slider frame: A flange-fitting frame that allows single or double sliders, fitting to the vessel via “Sikaflex”. This section is also used to produce “Combo” and D/G Forward / Aft Opening style windows.

Product Specifications Document