“Windscreen” in a nautical sense refers to framed windows which are ‘freestanding’ on top of the cabin/structure of a vessel, as opposed to “windows” which are fitted into an aperture of the structure of a vessel.

We offer two very different styles of free-standing windscreens:

Light Duty

This rivet construction assembly is generally for use on runabouts or ski boats which only require small windscreens or simple constructions. We also offer this style of windscreen in “kit” form, providing all the necessary components for you to create your own windscreen at home.

Download Product Specifications (Light Duty)

Heavy Duty

This mitred and screwed construction assembly creates a more robust end product & is designed to accept 6mm safety glass as easily as acrylic – making it the favoured choice for most applications. Also available as a mitred and welded assembly, which is suitable for small ‘hard top’ applications or extreme environment situations.

Download Product Specifications (Heavy Duty)


Product Specifications Document