Any ‘heavy’ glazing format.

S2 is particularly employed in ‘Ballistic Resistant’ (bullet proof) applications.

S/1 & S/2 are also used for “Lloyds” survey vessels, ships (ocean going) windows and robust applications such as Tugboat windows.

In addition, as this frame has a large fitment flange and internal access for glazing removal, it is often fitted via the ‘direct glazed’ method giving the anti-corrosion benefits of ‘frameless’ glass whilst affording much easier glazing replacement in repair situations. This can be priceless for heavy work vessel applications that cannot afford the downtime associated with frameless glass replacement.


Generally fixed only, however special projects considered on request. Can be constructed in either mitred or 126mm radius corners only.


All frames fully welded in all cases. Bead is secured to main body via 316 grade 1/4″ shank csk head metal threads, generally at 100mm centres.


12-47mm glazing dependant on format-see drawing below.



  • S/1 Ultraglazed body: Face fixing window frame that will accept 12 – 32mm glazing.
  • S/2 Ultraglazed body: Face fixing window frame that will accept 27 – 47mm glazing.
  • S/2 Ultraglazed bead: An inner counter frame that locks the glazing into the ultraglazed body via mechanical fixings.

Product Specifications Document