Mechanically Glazed


D.N.V. vessels; U.S.L. vessels; heavy-duty wheelhouses, such as pilot vessels and work barges.


Generally fixed only although special applications will be considered on request. Can be constructed in either mitred or 100mm radius formats.

For sliding window applications see ‘Mk3 Sliders’.


All frames fully welded in all cases. Bead is secured to main body via 6gg x 3/4″ stainless steel screws at approximately 100mm centres.


6-10mm glazing.



  • Body: Face fixing window frame that will accept 6-10mm glazing. Secures via 1/4″ screws.
  • Bead: An outer counter frame that locks the glazing into the Mechanically Glazed body via mechanical fasteners. Bead is a double-action section, it secures on its short face for 8 and 10mm, and its long face for 6mm.
  • Trim: Optional inner counter frame allowing a “sandwich” fit with fully concealed fixings on both inner and outer faces.

Product Specifications Document